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Having faulty lighting on your trailer is one of the easiest ways to draw the attention of the police. Every year, hundreds of horsebox owners, RV drivers, racing drivers, and hobbyists are pulled over for having malfunctioning trailer lights.

You would think something as simple as lights would be easy to sort out. In reality, lights are the bane of many towers’ lives. The fact that they go wrong so often is why you really need to check that they are all functioning before setting out on each journey.

Not checking them is not an option because a light cluster that does not work properly is a sure way to confuse other road users, and potentially cause a serious accident. Towing a trailer is challenging enough without having to cope with other drivers not knowing what you are doing and driving in a way you do not expect.

Buying the right tail lights for the job

Key to avoiding problems is buying good quality lights, which are suitable for the type of towing you are planning to do. For example, if you are a boat owner you will be glad that you bought a submersible light cluster when you need to back into water to get your boat onto or off your trailer.

In addition, buying high quality trailer lights makes the fitting process much easier. If you buy the right type, you will only have to attach them to your trailer, and hook them up to your lighting harness.

Good quality trailer lights will prove to be more reliable and easier to maintain. They are built to make tasks like testing your lights and changing the bulbs, or lenses as easy as possible. Something you will be grateful for when it is pouring with rain and you have to change a blown bulb before you can start your journey home.

Basic trailer lights

The two lights that are included in this kit function as trailer turn signal lights, as well as parking lights. They have 10 diode red LED lights, therefore, they are very bright but do not suck up the power. Included in the kit are the necessary grommets and plugs needed to fit them to a trailer with standard sized light openings. Installing these inexpensive lights is easy.

The fact that these lightweight trailer lights work across 9 to 16 volt systems makes them a very versatile option. They could potentially be swapped across multiple trailers. As a result, they are a good option for someone who owns several different types of trailer or regularly changes and updates them. Because the lens is sonic welded to the housing they are weatherproof, but these are not watertight, so are not suitable for boat trailers.

MaxxHaul 12 V LED trailer light kit

If you want a complete trailer lighting kit, this one is worth considering. The lights exceed the DOT standards, so comply fully with the law.

The kit consists of:

  • Two stop/turn signal taillights
  • Two amber clearance/ side marker lights
  • A full wiring harness
  • Mounting hardware
  • All of the necessary grommets and clips needed to mount the lights using the mounting hardware provided

This kit is only suitable for 12-volt systems and for trailers that are less than 80 inches wide.

Most owners found installation easy and were impressed with how dependable the lights were. However, one was not impressed with the quality of the wires used in the wiring harness. It is easy to buy a replacement wiring harness, but it is something to consider before buying.

It is also important to note that you need to connect the white wire to the frame to ground the system. Something that some owners did not feel was made clear in the instructions.

The taillights feature LED bulbs, but the sidelights have incandescent bulbs. They are all easy to change, and most users had no problem finding replacements when they needed them.

Blazer magnetic and reversible trailer lights

Magnetic trailer lights are a great innovation. Provided the magnets are strong enough, they stay in place even when you are traveling at speed or over bumpy ground.

Carrying a set of two sided magnetic trailer lights could get you out of a sticky situation, should one of your existing lights fail. Of course, you will still have to run the wires to hook the system up to your trailer, but not having to lie on a wet road to attach the light to the back of the trailer is a plus. The fact that these lights are reversible makes them a practical set of backup trailer lights.

Blazer has been making trailer lights for the HGV industry for decades. They work to high standards and produce products that comply with the law and industry standards in both the US and Canada.

They apply the same standards to the trailer lighting assemblies they make for domestic users. This set of magnetic trailer lights are DOT compliant and are well made.

This kit is designed to span 80 inches, but one or two users said it fell short of doing so. You can only install the lights up to 60 inches apart, so if you want to put the lights on the outer edge of the trailer you cannot actually do so. Plus, the cable provided to wire the units up to your vehicles lighting assemble is 20ft in length, so you will also need to work out if that is long enough.

More trailer light assembly options

If you want some more options, the Optronics range is really worth considering. This firm makes every kind of automotive lighting and accessories, including specialist items like waterproof trailer tail lights. These are perfect for boat owners who want to back their trailer down a marine slipway and unload their boat into the water.