Curt is an American firm that makes everything in its US based manufacturing plant. The company was established in 1993 to distribute towing balls.

In 1995, when one of its customers was struggling to find a towing hitch, CURT stepped in and made them a customized one. From then, the team at CURT came up with more innovative ideas, built prototypes, and started to sell towing accessories that they had designed, and made from scratch. The firm’s use of innovative technology enables them to work fast and produce high quality accessories, for a reasonable price.

Today, this firm sells everything from trailer hitches to locks and wiring kits. They sell four different brake controller systems. Two are time-based brake controllers, and two are inertia-based.

Our roundup below will help you to work out which CURT electronic brake controller is right for your tow vehicle and trailer combination.

CURT Venturer

The CURT Venturer brake controller is the first system the firm developed. It is a compact timed brake controller system, which has stood the test of time.

This model can be fitted to a trailer with between two and six brakes. The unit itself can be mounted anywhere within your vehicle.

Importantly, the Venturer is compatible with anti-lock brakes, and cruise control. It is easy to fit, but you will usually have to buy a separate wiring harness to be able to install this unit.

If your vehicle has a built in tow package, you may only have to buy an adapter. The retailer you buy your Venturer brake controller from will be able to advise you about what connectors you need for your particular vehicle.

The compact unit features a LED display of green lights, which confirm that the unit is working, and tell you what level of brake power is being delivered to the trailer. Most users like this type of display, but some found it hard to understand, at least at first. Especially those who were used to a digital display that features numbers rather than strength bars. However, once you get used to it, you will be able to interpret the display without any problems.

CURT Discovery

The CURT Discovery brake controller is the firm’s other inertia based trailer brake controller. It is very similar to the Venturer model, but gives you the ability to control braking across four axles at a time, instead of a maximum of three.

You can adjust the amount of power that is delivered to the trailer, as well as the rate at which that power is delivered. Setting it up is easy, but it is well worth going through the various options to find your optimum setup. It is worth doing this twice, once with the trailer empty, and again with a full load.

Doing so will allow you to quickly ascertain what the optimum settings are for each towing situation, and make a note of them for future reference. You can adjust the power and ramp rates while you are driving, but it is far safer and easier to do it while you are stationery.

Again, installation is easy. With the right connector or wiring harness, it can be done very quickly. Provided you buy from a good retailer, they will tell you exactly what additional items you need to buy, and how to install your Discovery brake controller.

CURT Reflex

If you prefer the smoother braking of a proportional braking system, it is worth considering a Reflex brake controller. With this system, a dual-axis accelerometer provides feedback between your tow vehicle and trailer. This ensures that the force with which you brake is replicated, instantaneously, by your trailer’s brakes.

The Reflex brake controller can be fitted to a trailer with between two and eight brakes. They can be electric brakes or electrically actuated hydraulic brakes.

You will need to decide where you are going to mount the unit before you buy. The fact there is an accelerometer inside the unit means that it cannot be mounted at more than a 20-degree angle.

CURT TriFlex

The CURT TriFlex brake controller is the top of the range. This proportional brake control system provides the maximum level of control possible. If you are hauling a heavy, precious, or expensive load, this is the trailer brake controller for you.

This unit is fitted with a triple-axis accelerometer that detects even the slightest motion of both your tow vehicle and trailer. This means it quickly interprets how much braking power you are applying, and makes sure that the same amount of brake is applied to each of your trailer’s axles.

This ensures that you brake smoothly, and stop with the minimum amount of judder. Something that is very important if you are transporting animals or delicate items. It also helps to reduce wear and tear on your hitch and your towing vehicle.

When you are traveling up or down hills, the amount of brake output is adjusted automatically. This stops the trailer from pushing the tow vehicle on the downward leg, or acting as too much of an anchor as you climb the hill.

It is compact, and features a digital display, which is easy to read. You can fit it to virtually any vehicle including those fitted with cruise control or anti-lock brakes. It can manage the brakes on a trailer with anywhere between one and four axles.

Unlike some other proportional trailer brake controllers, this unit does not have to be mounted in a completely level position. You can choose between a range of different angles. This makes it relatively easy to find a spot for it on a crowded dashboard.

Like all other CURT brake controllers, the TriFlex model features quick plugs, which makes installation easy. If you have a compatible tow package, you can usually just plug this unit in. Should that not be the case you will need to buy a wiring harness, or connector.