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This website, RoadHitch.com, is here to help anyone who tows a trailer to work out what towing accessories they need. To find what they need and buy them from a reliable retailer. Our aim is to take care of everyone that tows.

We work hard to provide all kinds of trailer owners with the information needed to be able to tow legally and safely. We want all of our readers to be able to tow in comfort, and to arrive at their destination with a load that is in good condition.

The fascinating world of towing

Over the years, we have come to understand that the world of towing is a fascinating one. In America, and many other parts of the world, millions of people tow.

People who tow come from all walks of life. They are young and old, rich and poor.

Some people do it out of necessity, others for pleasure. Many people’s jobs involve the use of heavy equipment, which they use a trailer to haul from job to job. However, the vast majority of people who tow do so for pleasure.

Millions of people tow

If you are not convinced that literally millions of Americans tow, the next time you go out just look out for trailer hitches and tow bars, and count them up.

You will be stunned at just how many cars, vans, pickup trucks and RVs have one fitted. We certainly were, when we did it a few years ago, and we can tell you from a more recent count that we did towing is becoming more popular in the US.

We love the fact that our customers are all different. Each group has different priorities and needs. Something that keeps us busy as we scour the market to find the right towing accessories for all of them.

Snowbird Towers

For example, we like to think that we have helped some of the thousands of snowbirds to be able to carry on enjoying towing. In certain areas, snowbirds pulling small cars and boats as they follow the sun are a common sight. Every year, hundreds of thousands of US and Canadian citizens pack up, get in their RVs and pour into warmer areas. The Canadian Snowbird Association alone has 80,000 members.

We know from experience that, for older towing fans, ease of use is an important consideration. Rear view cameras and big towing mirrors are popular with these older towers. They use these towing gadgets to help them to get into tight spaces. Many have found that their range of motion has become limited, as they have got older. For some even a simple task like looking back over their shoulder is difficult.

A good rear view camera system and towing mirrors enables them to see everything without having to endure pain to do so. It is nice to see that the emergence of modern towing accessories is helping to keep many of our older readers on the road.

Campers and RV Enthusiasts

During the summer months, younger families towing caravans and camper trailers join those snowbirds. They also need access to good towing equipment, especially safety items like electronic brake controllers. Often they will have push bikes, canoes and of course lots of luggage, so for them trailer racks and cargo shelves are considered towing essentials.

Sporting Towers

People love their sports. They enjoy watching it, and playing it. In America, getting together before the match for a tailgate is especially popular. A hitch mounted cargo carrier is perfect for transporting the basics like beer, food, and lightweight chairs to the event.

These days an awful lot of the people who tow do so as a way to get themselves and equipment to sporting events, not to watch, rather to take part. Across the country, thousands of bikers, car racers, horse riders, sailor and other sportsmen and women rely on their trailers. Without them, they simply could not continue to enjoy their chosen sport.

Trailer Security

Regardless of what type of trailer you own, you need to keep your trailer, camper, caravan or horsebox secure. Unfortunately, trailer and caravan theft is a growing problem in some parts of the US.

The last thing you need is to stop for lunch somewhere only to find that your trailer has been unhooked from your tow vehicle and taken by a thief. To stop this happening to our readers, we are always on the lookout for good trailer and towing security products.

Why we started this site

We do a bit of towing ourselves, and when we first got started, we found the experience frustrating. For us working out what equipment we needed proved difficult. We had no idea what type of towing hitch we should buy, how much weight we could pull, or how to connect our trailer lights and electronic brake connector.

At the time, it was hard to find this information online. Often when we did find an article, it would only provide a partial answer. In addition, we were still left with the problem of choosing the best piece of equipment and finding somewhere that sold it.

Once we started traveling to events we realized we were far from alone, other people were also having problems finding what they needed. That is when the idea for RoadHitch.com was born. It took us a while to do the research and put the site together, but we are pleased we did.

Let us know what you think

We hope you enjoy RoadHitch.com and find it helpful. If there is anything missing or you would like to see more information about a certain aspect of towing, please get in touch and let us know.

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